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Jeff Meyer


From the desk of Jeff Meyer.

Madison, Wisconsin.

Dear Friend,


If you want to get clear on your dream, and discover powerful insights on how to pursue that dream and realize it, this will be the most important book you'll ever read.

I already purchased the "Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute" book for you.


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I call it the Book Bundle.


But first, let's acknowledge that dreams don't just happen. They are discovered, believed, and realized by those who act.


To do so, dreams need to be articulated first...

Fear is the single biggest roadblock that holds us back from daring to have a dream, share a dream and pursue that dream...


Everything that deviates from "normal" and "expected" is not accepted, delivering the clear message that dreams are not for regular people.


But without dreams, there's no progress!

Exactly What You're Getting

This book isn't like many other books. It's a dream field guide that will challenge you to get clear on your dream with practical exercises. 


It is designed to be read over time, picking and choosing the lessons that you want to apply right now.


It's easy to read...


And It's About MORE Than Just Dreaming!


The tools in this book will help you narrow your focus, clarify your dream, and/or pursue your dream with a plan of attack.

Remember... You Are Already Pursuing Someone Else's Dream

This Book Answers These 20 Questions

  • I wake up every day without focus, purpose and passion. Most days I struggle to get out of bed. How can I wake up and have big dreams for my life again?

  • Even if I have an idea that sparks my imagination there are just too many reasons why it can't work. How can I identify and address the barriers that are keeping me from pursuing my dream?

  • I like to think I'm courageous. I'm not ready to say I'm afraid. Does every dream obstacle boil down to fear?

  • When I read about people going after their dreams I hear words describing them like "fearless", and "bold". Even heroic. How do you get rid of fear?


  • Some people have told me that dreams are selfish and that I should focus on my "calling". Is there a difference between a calling and a dream?

  • When I think about actually pursuing my dream I worry that it might be too big a risk for the payoff. Is there a way I can be sure that my dream is worth pursuing?

  • Sometimes I think that dreams are for a select few. I'm not sure if I even have one. Does everyone have a dream?

  • I'm not good at coming up with big ideas. I seem stuck trying to carry out everyone else's grand ideas. Yet, I long for more. How do you inspire creative ideas?


  • I've got so many ideas floating around in my head. How do you decide which idea to pursue?

  • Every time I start getting excited about pursuing my dream, I get these overwhelming feelings that try to talk me out of it. Is there a way to overcome doubt or disbelief?

  • My story is littered with examples of times when I shared my idea, my dream, and it just got shot down, sometimes by people who I thought supported me. When is the best time to seek support & share your dream?

  • I get completely overwhelmed when I think about all of the steps I will have to take to achieve my dream. How do I identify my first step so I can just get started?

  • I get stressed out by the size and the scope of my dream. What can I do to address the overwhelm of the big picture?

  • When I start to share my dream, and paint a picture of the possibilities, I don't have a really clear picture. It's still a little fuzzy. Where can I go to clarify and focus my dream?

  • I get so discouraged when people don't understand my dream. Even the slightest push back sends me reeling. How do I handle other peoples' criticism?

  • I know that the journey will not be easy. I'd like to have some idea of the obstacles I might face. What are some barriers I'll face as I pursue my dream?

  • I'm pretty cautious. Risks scare me. This idea feels pretty scary to me. Can someone who is risk averse have a dream? How can I identify specific risks?

  • I would love to be crystal clear and have compelling language and metaphors to express my dream. How do I move from a fuzzy dream to "high-resolution"?

  • I know that it's just a pipe dream unless I have an action plan to execute. How can I move my dream from my head to an actionable plan?

  • I realize that I can . be my own worst enemy when it comes to achieving something I have committed to. I really want to go for it, but, how do I overcome my own self-distracting tendencies?


You'll gain tremendous clarity.


You'll come away from reading this book changed because you will practice the three skills needed to discover and clarify your dream.

  • Listen For Inspiration
  • Trust It's Yours
  • Envision The Future

This is so important because the Dream Spark is something that is given, not acquired. It's a gift and takes an uncluttered mind and open heart to receive.

You'll also gain this:


You'll know HOW to pursue your dream


And you'll do it without stressing about the ultimate result. You will experience the freedom of taking the next step and anticipating where God will take you.


This life-transforming result will be evidenced in you because you will practice these skills until they become your normal mode of operation.

  • Obey Don't Delay
  • Persevere Don't Flinch
  • Share Don't Hold Back

These Realization Strategies have been discovered and crystalized through the crucible of my own leadership story. Which I've created and practice myself!

Here's What Other People Have To Say...

There's Way Too Many People Trapped. Self-Inflicting Wounds Are Keeping Them From Pursuing Their Dream...

I've helped dozens of individuals to overcome that paralysis. The result is an immediate mind shift, clarity on their dreams, and confident, decisive action.


If you're trapped in the belief system that dreaming is not for YOU...


I want to give you a hand!


This Book has moved the needle For Craig and many others...

"To Everyone starting the journey with Jeff through the Dream Accelerator Program...my name is Craig Mellendorf with SFC Estate Coaching and I was fortunate to be part of his first coaching program in November. As of this month, the company is on track to double last years revenue. We are expanding into three new states. We have 4 new people working with us. We are excited for what the future holds. We are just scratching the surface and feel confident that using the training and techniques learned through the sessions with Jeff we are going to be growing for many years to come. 
Absorb as much info as you can. Be bold in your actions. Enjoy the ride and journey. Keep dreaming big dreams. Look forward to one day hearing about all your success as a result. 

Risk Nothing With My Easy 30-day Money Back Guarantee

If this book doesn't ignite new ideas and stir your creativity, just send me an email in the next 30 days and I'll send all your money back, no questions asked.

Who is Jeff Meyer?

Throughout his lifetime Jeff Meyer has been sparkling leaders to dream with fear and boldly pursue their NEXT anyway. In the trenches of everyday mission and ministry, he has forged a pathway for many to utilize their unique gifts to make a difference in an ever changing world.


You will not only be informed by his writing, you will be challenged at every turn to take action. What he writes is as actionable as it is informative.


Jeff Meyer 2020

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